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OK, I had to do some traveling for awhile so I was away from the site. My last post was about convincing an old boyfriend to trim "down there." I saw a male stripper that was really shaved close and I liked it.

So, my boyfriend was resistant to this because he was an athlete and was worried about what the guys in the locker room would say. But, as luck would have it, one of my friends who went to see the male stripper with me was dating another guy on his team. When a group of us were laughing about the events of the bachelorette party, I mentioned that the stripper showed us"all of his business" onstage and she mentioned that she saw some of it. And, that she liked what she saw. That got us talking about the idea of male grooming. Some of us liked the idea, others thought it wasn't very manly. It was kind of a new idea at that time. She liked it very much and I admitted that I did as well. We agreed to try to get both of our boyfriends to do this so it wouldn't seem like such a big deal.

I talked to my boyfriend about it and he agreed to try this "a little bit."The next time we had sex, he had shaved up his legs a little bit and tried to do some trimming around his testicles. But, he left the hair above his penis untrimmed. It looked like a little Chia pet sitting on top of his penis. :-0 I was smart enough not to laugh but offered to help. He said he didn't want me anywhere near "his business" with a razor. But then I took off my clothes.

He had an electric razor with a trimming attachment so I was able to make quick work of the Chia pet. He started to get a little hard as I moved his cock around to get the right angles. But then I needed to do something about those balls. He got nervous again when I got out the razor and shaving cream. But I crawled over top of him and straddled his head (in a 69 position) and he let me go to work. As soon as I started to spread the shaving cream around, his cock started getting hard again. I would lift his balls up a little bit to get the right angle and whenever I sensed he was getting nervous I would just lower myself onto his face or take him in my mouth for a little bit. I liked getting him hard and I found it was actually easier to shave him when he was that way. Plus, getting him to go down on me was just an added benefit :-)

When I was done and I wiped him off with a towel, I liked what I saw. I thought his cock looked a lot bigger and fuller after I shaved it. I really enjoyed going down on him after that. I just felt that everything felt smoother and softer and I really enjoyed taking my time and giving a more thorough blowjob, working all the parts of him including lifting up his balls and working my tongue underneath and all that good stuff. He loved blowjobs so he happily groomed himself after that. A few months later he said some other guys on the team were starting to do it as well, so everybody won!

I've asked every guy I've ever dated since then he would shave for me. They all did.

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panties down

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for our friends S F Milf and HH....satated vacation morning..

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