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Only in your mind. Only in your dream. Only in between. Reality and interweb fantasy. A myth from the space between moments, from the matrix you fear and the virtuality depravity you crave.


A view from the limbic core, from the universal reptile of our deepest consciousness, not one man but the eyes of all, flitting across the decades - eternal, electronic egotistical subversion of our post-modern mythologized metrosexual banalities...

Sandfly is REAL. Sandfly is OUT THERE. In the back o' beyond.

Sandfly is your excuse for lasciviousness, your reason for self-loathing; Sandfly is honest, unabashed, unfettered joy, free of the restrictions of moral platitudes, free of the condescention of conformist cunts.

Sandfly is the only true lie.

And I...

Am Sandly.

I will see you again. Motherfuckers.


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Born in an asylum in the midst of a lightning storm. Raised by jackals. Dissolved in the age of aquarius. Carried by the sciroco into the dreams of man, cast by the equatorial sun into the shadows on the dunes, the whispers on the winds, the ghost in your machine. Epic, eternal, out here on the perimiter, stoned immaculate; Sandfly.

Fakers, shakers, glory takers - step aside for the real deal. No sneaky snaps, no quick in and out. Hold the moments, hold the shot, catch the vid.

A question of nerve, a question of verve, an answer to the banalities of the web's needy plastic fantastics. Your desperate self-adulation means nothing to the arch-deity of juxtaposed ironic narcissism. Sheild your eyes from the glory.

I am the Origin. I am the Singularity at the centre of beach voyeur history.

I am Sandfly.


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